About Me

I came from the high school where grunge was invented. If I told you why we dressed that way, it would ruin the mystique, but you are welcomed to come and ask me...

I have two teens and a fur child so spare time very rarely happens, but when it does, it's quickly filled with Sims4, vampire fiction, dancing to Soca, or building amazing spaces in Notion.


My formal education is in literature, writing and teaching. But I was given a strong "homeschooled" education in computers by my mother, the developer... who wanted me to follow in her foot steps, but I had to do it my way with fine and language arts. Anyway, while working at Microsoft and Accenture, I made the jump to web design and development, and eventually focused on user experience. Most of my UX career has been in the private sector working - some times as an in-house designer and other times as a consultant. I feel I've finally found my home at ICF working in the public sector. These days my focus is on building design systems, data visualization, and "raising" a team of UX strategist.

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