Cold & Flu


4 Pillars


A good exercise routine can help keep a person in shape, which can help to build a health immune system. But once sickness takes over, the best thing one can do is to to get as much rest as possible. Stay in bed... and make sure to include time to recover. Often we try to get back to business as soon as possible, tiring out and causing relapse. Although, sitting outside on a warm day to get fresh air can also work wonders.

Sleep Hygiene

Getting a good night sleep routinely supports a healthy immune system. We heal while we sleep, so if a cold or flu takes you down, spoil yourself with lots of naps. And if you can't sleep, at least stay in bed — watch tv, read a book, what ever activity keeps you relax and rested.


Get Plenty of:

Liquids waters or teas to help clear the body

Chicken Soup is naturally filled vitamins


Stay away from diary as this build mucus creating more congestion in the sinus & lungs.

Herbal Support


Elderberry Syrup